Vote Your Values

May 2016

Vote Your Values is a Refinery29 initiative investigating what millennial women think about the 2016 elections, how and if they plan to vote — and why. A poll was conducted with 566 women across the country, ages 18 to 35 and a microsite was created to aggregate the results. To fully immerse our readers in the poll results, we broke them down into R29 style illustrated info-graphics, animations, video interviews and powerful quotes paired with photos & soundbites. Before entering the site, we prompted readers to answer the question "Do you think this election will impact your own life?" thus making them part of the experience. This was a true collaboration between product, design, video, photo and edit. Once the poll questions were set by the editorial team & our partners at ABC News, design and product set out to build an immersive experience on a tight timeline. The result is a successful platform that puts women voters at the center of the conversation, and brings fun and clarity to a daunting and complex topic.

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Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction; Natalia Grosner, Art Direction; Abbie Winters, Illustration; Aziz Hasan, Product Experience; Sarah Azpeitia, UX & Product Designer; Ebby Amir, Product Development; Neha Gandhi, Editorial Content & Strategy; Erin Yamagata, Photography; Shannon Gibson, Video; Caitlin Thornton, Animation.