the z list:Rowan Blanchard

September 2016

As a part of Refinery29's first annual Z List*, we collaborated with Rowan Blanchard (the 14-year-old outspoken feminist, human rights/gender equality/diversity/gun violence activist, social media maven and ultimate Girl Meeting World) on a fashion story exploring feminist fashion trends highlighting five statements our foremothers wore as armor. In thinking about what it means to be outspoken feminists, we cannot ignore women's history (fashion included), and so we reinvigorated trends worn by our foremothers to highlight their continuing staple in today's market. From the mini skirt, to protest tee; pussy-bow blouse to power suit and a modern take on 'bra burning.'

Photographed in Los Angeles, Rowan's home town, by Daria Kobayashi RItch, styled by Christopher Horan, we were inspired by the power of the fashion as something one can really own and live, so we situated the shoot in a lived-in space, lit with the sun, as opposed to a blank-space studio.  To visualize harnessed female power with a nod to the past and present influencing our united future, we incorporated refracted light as well as the Jenny Holzer slogan (Rowan's choosing), "Abuse of power comes as no surprise."

*Fighting for inclusivity, diversity, and gender-neutrality, Generation Z is poised to turn the fashion world

on it's head.  

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Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Photographer; Chris Horan, Stylist; Loui Ferry, Hair; Amy Strozzi, Makeup; The Forge LA, Location; Mary Fletcher, Senior Photo Editor; Erin Cunningham, Senior Fashion Editor.