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the z list:Rowan Blanchard

September 2016

Today's real teens aren't spending their dollars on Dior; they're thrifting, digging through second-hand shops, and trading clothes with friends to ensure they're not pictured in the same outfit twice on the 'gram. Their personal style is being defined not by what's considered "popular," but by what appropriately reflects their identity. Their outfits are a rumination of their beliefs, their taste, and their environment. Rather than subscribing to the status quo, they approach getting dressed as an opportunity to be both authentic and unique. And isn't that what fashion is really about? We asked 16 New York teenagers to self-style themselves, and open up about how clothing is so much more than what you wear.

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Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction; Natalia Grosner, Art Direction; Toby Kuafmann, Photo Director, Lilac Perez, Photo Editor;  Erin Cunningham, Senior Fashion Editor;  Kate Owen, Photographer; Sam Shannon, Video Director; Tifanny Patton, Hair and Makeup using M.A.C cosmetics and Bumble and Bumble, Modeled by Alexis Jae,Maia Zoe, Sophia Richards, Sage Adams, Gala Prudent, Genesis Vega, Mallory Merk ,Lilli Hymowitz, Lumia Nocito, Chloe Pultar, Kaira Widodo, Lulu Bonfils, Victoria Crabbits, Ellis Clare, Lula Hyers, Ajani Russell.