The Anatomy Of 2016’s Teen Cliques

September 2016

For Refinery29's first annual Z List*, we collaborated with illustrator Ada Buchholz on an editorial feature on breaking down 2016’s anatomy of the newest generation of teen archetypes. Utilizing the notion of “cliques” which is derived from the French work claque, which can translate to “a band of political followers,” cliques can arise from racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and physical commonalities, however for this year’s Z list round up of teen types, the fashion attire is the unifying thread for these teen themes. These eight modern day cliques are connected around wearing whatever they like and being whoever they want to be!

*Fighting for inclusivity, diversity, and gender-neutrality, Generation Z is poised to turn the fashion world  on it's head.  

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Ly Ngo, Art Direction; Ada Buchholz, Illustration.