Summer 2016

We're tired of feeling like we have to look a certain way to be allowed to take up space — in our own lives, out in the world, and particularly this time of year, on the beach. Take Back The Beach blows the lid off the "bikini body" ideal and reframe the way we talk about body image. With original reported stories, photo series, data visualizations, videos and more, we’re pushing this conversation to the next level.

We surveyed 1,100 women about how they feel about their bodies and worked with visual storyteller Karan Singh to bring their responses and viewpoints to life. Together with Karan, we created a fully interactive data visualization with user-activated animations, breaking down the stats into three-dimensional interpretations of each topic.

The result is an incredibly bright, optimistic and dimensional approach that shines a light on a tough-to-talk-about topic, and inspires women everywhere to worry less about their appearance this summer. In a time where our audience typically feels pressure to look and act a certain way, we are encouraging acceptance and individuality in a way only R29 can.

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Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction; Ly Ngo, Design Direction; James Cabrera, UX Design; Karan Singh, 3D Illustration.