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Strong opiniones loosely held



Strong Opinions Loosely Held is an R29 podcast series that covers everything from being a woman on death row to the Kardashians and feminism. Elisa Kreisinger talks to today’s culture makers and rule breakers to try to solve the mysteries of our modern popular culture.

The branding was inspired by propaganda posters, for it’s significance in influencing public opinion. A unique illustration was created for each episode, staying consistent in the branding’s photo-collage style. Strikingly simple with a bold color choice, these images were meant to provoke a reaction about that week’s subject matter.

A few weeks after launch, SOLH was ranked in the top 10 podcasts for Culture on iTunes, proving that our audience is hungry for new ways of engaging with our content

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Elisa Kreisinger, Host & Producer; Natalia Grosner, Art Direction & Illustration; Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction.