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(Un)cOVER: Priyanka Chopra

Sept 2016

Priyanka Chopra wants to be James Bond. Not Jane, James; and we jumped at the chance to make it so. Working with photographer Ramona Rosales we for the project, we portrayed Priyanka's very essence of having the resolve and resources to provide self care in all circumstances. No damsel in distress here.

(Un)Cover is an ongoing series of editions that upends the traditional magazine cover story, truly reinventing how these stories are told in a digital first world. With each edition, we highlight empowering female icons through interviews, photography, video, and visual design to tell a story that uncovers our favorite women out there—the R29 way.

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Ramona Rosales, Photographer; Haley Loewenthal, Stylsit; Paul Warren, Hair; Yumi Mori, Makeup; Julie Kandalec, Manicure; Izzi Galindo, Special Effects Makeup; Bette Adams, Set Design; Wesley Nault, Tailoring; Jenn Kim, Production; Toby Kaufmann, Photo Director; Kate Titus, Senior Art Director Digital Innovation; Mary Fletcher, Senior Photo Editor; Elizabeth Kiefer, Entertainment Features Writer; Alyssa Alward, Director of PM/Production; J. R. Johnson, Talent Relations Special Projects.