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New Fronts 2016

Spring 2016

NewFronts is an event that gives us a chance to present our video content to important decision makers across brands, agencies, production companies, and press, and show them what R29 is all about!

This year, with the theme of ”Claiming Power," the Refinery29 mission to inspire and serve the most powerful generation of women EVER was on full display. Through a slate of incredible new video programs and some amazing new partners --  we premiered content that truly embodies the idea of what it means to claim your power.

Special presenters included Morgan Spurlock, Gaborey Sidibe and a powerful performance by Nobel Stepz and Marawa the Amazing.

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Eyesight Group, Event Design; Piera Gelardi and Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction; Emily Ritter, Art Direction and Design;  Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Design; Richard Hatherell, Video Producer; Raffi Asdourian, Jake Berube and Cameron Dennis, Video Editors; Joshua Hoffman, Post-Production Manager; Hui Chi Chuang and Caitlin Thornton, Motion Graphics Editors; Vero Romero, Video Designer; Angela Sumner, Vdeo iArt Director/Producer; Katherine Anne Connolly, Samantha Schlaifer and Jon Bulette, Development; Stone Roberts, Program Director; Annie Georgia Greenberg; Richard Hatherell, Producer; Raffi Asdourian, Jake Berube and Cameron Dennis, Editors; Allison Ochiltree, Production Manager; Elyssa Starkman, Executive Director of Branded Video; Stacy Scripter, Post consultant;