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May 2016

Mother's are always there to share clothes and spend afternoons shopping with their daughters. This spring we wanted to celebrate a style role model we can all agree on: our mothers. In honor of Mother's day, we photographed five mother-daughter duos (and one grandmother-granddaughter pairing) in the same trends, and spoke with them about how they influence each other's aesthetic and why "dressing for your age" is actually bullshit.

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Lilac Perez, Photo Editor;  Erin Cunningham, Senior Fashion Editor; Adrian Mesko at De Facto, Photographer; Emily Holland, Styling Director; Ingeborg using Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Makeup; Eloise Cheung at Kate Ryan Inc using John Masters Organics, Hair; Chloe Daley, Set Design; Madison Utendahl, Phyllis Hollis,Cassidy Turner,Hilary Shepard,Choichun Leung, Sahara Lin at Elite,Janana Seppe, Barbie Ferreira at Wilhelmina Models, Lyn Slater and Juliet Alger, models.