Differently Abled Women 

May 2016

There's no reason the pressure to have a "bikini body" should stop anyone from having the best summer — and life — ever. Back for its second year, Refinery29's "Take Back The Beach" ditches that outdated ideal and reframes the way people think and talk about body image and self-acceptance.

To launch this year's package, we photographed 4 differently-abled women taking back the beach in their own way despite the logistical challenges they face, whether that means making their way through the sand in a wheelchair, overcoming insecurities around removing prosthetic limbs in public, or simply asking for help when they need it. 

Because we don't see enough of these women in ads or on the pages of magazines, we decided to spend a day with these four incredibly inspiring women to find out what their experiences are really like. Through these powerful images photographed by Gillian Laub & Emily Berl we capture these four badass women at the beach and pool.

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Emily Berl and Gilian Laub, Photographers; Lilac Perez,Photo Editor; Amanda Gorence, Associate Photo Editor.