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May 2016

At Refinery29 convidence reigns, and Demi Lovato is certainly it. Inspired by her declaration, “I am enough,” we worked with photographer Nagi Sakai to showcase Demi’s strikingly raw natural beauty, stylist Maher Jridi, and calligrapher Paul Fittipaldi to weave Demi’s emotional quotes throughout the feature. 

(Un)Cover is an ongoing series of editions that upends the traditional magazine cover story, truly reinventing how these stories are told in a digital first world. With each edition, we highlight empowering female icons through interviews, photography, video, and visual design to tell a story that uncovers our favorite women out there—the R29 way.

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Nagi Sakai, Photographer; Maher Jridi, Stylist; Clyde Haygood, Hair; Jo Baker, Makeup; Brittni Rae, Nails; Amanda George, Hand Model; Paul Fittipaldi, Calligraphy; Brenda Milis, Executive Photo Director; Natalia Grosner, Senior Art Director; Mary Fletcher, Senior Photo Editor; Alyssa Alward, PM/Production Director.