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May 2016

For Refinery29's fourth custom photo feature in collaboration with Cartier, we sought to drive awareness, relevancy, and consideration for its Amulette collection. Channeling Cartier's wish-themed messaging, Refinery29 aligned with Cleo Wade, a poet who fearlessly follows her dreams and represents a powerful, authentic voice among millennial women. The feature explores the relationship between Cleo's own body of work and the emotive qualities represented by Amulette's stone colors.

The photography captures intimate and expressive portraits of Cleo wearing a sampling of Amulette pieces. The set is graphic and architectural, handcrafted entirely from paper to mirror the geometric shape of the jewels. In tandem with the fresh and considered photography and the profile of a young, up-and-coming poet, Refinery29 created a seamless alignment of luxury fashion and personal storytelling.

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Olivia Malone, Photographer; Sara McDowell,
Photo Director; Isabella Alesci, Assistant Photo Editor; Dianna Lunt, Stylist; Marco Braca, Hair Stylist; Cyndle Komarovski, Makeup Artist; Daniel Sean Murphy, Set Designer; Holly Falcone, Manicurist; Cleo Wade, Talent; Katie O'Donnell & Gina Marinelli, writers.