google mural

August 2016

Refinery29, in partnership with Google, commissioned two female artists across the world, one being our very own Mallory Heyer in New York and the other being a regular contributor, Marina Esmeraldo in Barcelona. They were given the task to "Break the Grid" and collaborate on an original piece using Google Spreadsheet, bringing beauty to something that is usually very analytical. Mallory and Marina learned to collaborate via Google Hangouts and through their joint Google Sheets canvas. After completing their design, colossal media brought this digital artwork to life, painting it on a wall in Brooklyn. Once it was completed Mallory and Marina finally met for the first time IRL (in real life) at the reveal of the finished Mural.

The artists chose to create a “Girl Gang” of strong, independent women paired with empowering messages. They felt it was important for the public to feel inspired and included by the group of women they drew, all diverse in terms of lifestyle, body, nationality and beyond. The "Break the Grid" theme came through, not only in the tools they used, but also through the attitude, color, composition and mood behind their creation. This artwork truly shows the beauty and strength of women who will not settle for neat lines and limitations. These ladies are ready to take on the world!


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Michael Ciancio, Creative Direction; Meg Lazaros, Art Direction; Mallory Heyer and Marina Esmeraldo, Illustrators; Colossal Media, Mural; Gabriel Sands, Marketing.