Art Stars: Kicking Off 2015 With A Bang!

Art Stars is back! Presenting 10 highlights from 2015 so far. Those visually-driven pieces that just ooze R29-ness and are pushing us forward in different ways. 

With so much content flowing through the site on the daily, we're highlighting some of the best work coming out of the Creative Dept. Major gorgeousity ahead! 

1. How To Restyle Your Coffee Table 3 Different WaysPhotographed by Dan McCoy, Styled by Chloe Daley, Photo Editor Erica Gannett, Author Chloe Daley

Speaking of which, have you checked out our new scrollable stories? There is THIS ONE  (Photographed by Marc McAndrews, Photo Editor Erica Gannett, Author Ilana Kaplan) and THIS ONE (Photographed  by Mike Garten, Styling by Alie Nardi, Photo Editor Erica Gannett, Author Chloe Daley)! All in the name of offering beautiful BIG images, integrated shopping capabilities, and endless storytelling.

2. A sneak peek at our first ever zine, R29 Editions! Hot Style/Cool Fashion, a printed piece being distributed at Fashion Week showcasing our unique take on February fashion. 

3200 Hours Later…The Incredible Journey Of This Dior Couture Dress—In partnership with Visionaire, Directed by Stylianos Pangalos, Author Connie Wang

4. Your January Horoscope Revealed—Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu, Art Directed by Michael Ciancio and Sydney Haas, PMed by Anne Cassard, Author The AstroTwins

5. An Expert’s Guide To What To Wear In Extreme Music Situations—Photographed by Paley Fairman, Photo Editor Julia Finch, Author Connie Wang

6. We Tested Ben & Jerry’s Exciting New Flavors—Designed by Nathasha Kaser, Author Venus Wong

7. The Fashion Label Tailor-Made For City Girls—Photographed by Eric T White, Styled by Emily Holland, Photo Editor Julia Finch, Author Connie Wang

8. 10 New Yorkers You Never Want To Live With—Illustrated by The Blake Wright, Art Direction Michael Ciancio and Sydney Haas, PMed by Anne Cassard, Author Kirra Cheers

9. #MTVxR29—Illustrated by Sydney Haas, Mastermind Ida Hariri 

10. In Honor Of National Pie Day, Get Ready To Make One Like A Pro— Produced by Isabel Cafaro, Shot by Adam Giese, Styled by Ali Nardi