asos style stalking



Through five highly stylized social films, #R29StyleStalking teamed up with ASOS to explore how different women interpret today's most popular sartorial trends, allowing viewers to get up close and personal with the fashion secrets behind great looks. Shot in the world's preeminent style capitals, from L.A. to Berlin, this campaign highlights local talent and stylists to encapsulate the unique texture of each city. 

By integrating the movements of the shoot's models with the skylines and landmarks of these iconic urban spaces, our #R29StyleStalking ASOS campaign created a richly atmospheric experience for viewers. These vibrantly snackable assets, cut like mini music videos with their popping, neon colors, earned as high as a 21.7% click-through rate and nearly 37k organic Facebook views. 




Sara McDowell, Creative Director ; Megan Doyle, Supervising Producer; Matthew Schroeder, DP; Mallory Merk, Gabby Richardson, Stella Duval, Talent;  : Jon Nelson, 1st AC;  Alan Jensen, 2nd AC; Jesse Newton, Gaffer; Tim Westover, Stedicam Operator; Jack Pierce, 2nd Cam; Haley Lowenthal, Wardrobe Stylist; Deanna Melluso, Makeup; Charlie Taylor, Hair;  Holly Falcone, Manicurist; Epidemic Sound, Music; Lilac Perez, Casting Director; Molly Holtzinger, Video Editor; Nicole Van Straatum, Producer; Kevin Kushner, Associate Producer; Jaqueline Harriet, Stills Photographer; Isabella Alesci, Assistant Photo Editor; Anna Sabatini; Photo Assistant