July 2016

Anxiety affects us all.  But how do you describe it visually? That's the question we crowd-sourced and found that we are more similar than we could imagine. Once we had the visual descriptions, we commissioned Sam Cannon who brought them to life, staying true to the emotions that our readers had shared with us. We shot over two days, talking a lot about each of these anxieties and our own. In that time we explored how we could incite each of these through the 11 GIFs.

Each GIF can be viscerally felt which leads to a better understanding of each other and our emotions. Visualizing something that is completely intangible is a difficult task, but it was important for us to take an artistic approach that got our audience thinking, and supported the editorial point-of-view of the story.

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Sam Cannon, Photographer; Marissa Herrmann, Prop stylist; Toby Kaufmann,  Photography Director.