Oct 2016

67% of American women are a size 14+. We consider body diversity a priority and have taken on initiatives like Take Back The Beach and The Anti-Diet Project. Yet, when we examined representation across all of our content, we found that plus size representation accounted for only 8% of our coverage. We are leaders in this movement, yet we too have fallen short. In an effort to challenge ourselves and our peers in the industry, the 67% Project is a call to the industry to create positive change inthe media by reincorporating and representing 67% of the female population who are not readily visible in the media.

For one week, we matched this statistic across all verticals. 67% of content and photos on our site will be of women size 14 or up, with intention of moving toward consistent representation, period. This will also include a radical overhaul of our own photo stock, shooting images of women of within this size bracket for use on our site. We invited readers to participate via social campaigns and on-site calls to action. It is our hope that, in leading by example, our competitors will take on the commitment to proportional representation in their own work as well. The 67% Project will be a large and complicated challenge, but it will also be the course correction the entire women's lifestyle sphere needs, now.

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Kate Titus & Meg Lazaros, Art Direction & Design; Michelle Cortese, Mobile Design; Dan Maffei, Digital Producer; Kelsey Miller & Connie Wang, Editors; Bethany Lewis & Seema Shah, Project Management; Benish Shah, Marketing; Aziz Hasan, Product; TigerSpike, Development.