60 Second Cities



60 Second Cities is a fly-by-night fever dream of a vacation told in distilled moments. In a minute flat, we showcase hyper-shareable tours of lesser- known travel destinations that make you want to pack your bags stat! With hyper-creative shot-to-shot editing, you are whisked through nightclubs in Budapest, parades in San Miguel de Allende, a sushi stall in Osaka — the ultimate mood board for your next get away. Season One, in partnership with Microsoft. Who knows where we'll travel to next?

60 Second Cities is optimized for Facebook and Snapchat through its quick-paced, snackable format, guiding viewers across each densely-textured cultural and culinary landscape in a matter of seconds. Each episode garnered over one million views and represent our highest performers to date.



Annie Georgia Greenberg, Producer/Host; Kevin Kushner, Branded Content Associate Producer; Jack Pearce, Director of Photography/Editor