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29 rooms 2016

Sept 2016

The mission of 29Rooms is to create a beautifully interactive, artistic and highly sharable playground pulling inspiration from style, beauty, wellness, film, culture, editorial narratives and brand moments to inspire visitor participation and consumer content creation. This experience reflects our commitment to the cultivation and support of creative talent and to creating content that drives vital conversation that matters most to this generation of independent minded individuals.

Timed to New York Fashion Week, this year the experience took place in a 70,000 square foot warehouse in Bushwick and opened with an exclusive VIP party on September 8th and then was open to the public from September 9th to the 11th. The event dominated & disrupted social channels and the press, featuring exclusive performances, art exhibitions, interactive installations, virtual reality, film, food, and more!

Inspired by the theme “Powered by People”, we built an experience that explores how individuals can create change both big and small. The installations put the attendees at the center of the event, sparking engagement and creating a live social broadcast of self-expression and meaningful dialogue.

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Caroline Biggar, Albie Hueston, Richard Muske, Aurea Sanabria, Amanda Murray, Crystal Worley, Blake Forston, Lily Amaro, Lauren Carothers, Taylor Cole,  Emily Ritter, Jenn Whitney, Alyssa Alward, Milana Baker, Michael Ciancio, Natalia Grosner, Julian Wan, Kamil Tybally, Andrea Velasquez, Amanda Greene, Amanda Matossian, Sara Marston, Suzy Berkowitz, JR Johnson, Marni Katz, Madison Utendahl, Nikki Mendell, Cody Manker, Lauren McGrath, Marni, Gabriela Zarmakoupis, Amber Kai, Valentine Hidayat, Natasha Vaquer, Kaitlin Rodriguez, Marni Katz, Ellie Levy, Emily Mannix, Melissa Goidel, Ashley Miles, Kate Hyatt, Hallie Johnston, Katie Walsh, Tom Etergino, Henry Zhu, Meg Lazaros, Anne Cassard, Richard Muske, Gabriel Sands, Paola Delucca, Natalia Grossner, Elettra Weideman, Benish Shah, Amelia Kruse, Rohan Sheth, Chrissi Bernardo, Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Lauren Kreiger, Dave Kopach, Jillian Maxwell, Katie Hegarty, Jessey Finizio, Kerry Gillespie, Maddie Guthrie, Grace Gordon, Samm Yu, Ashley Buxton, Courtney Macofsky, Skye Romuld, Claire McGovern, Kelsey Grad, Andrea Araujo, Anna Sudit, Alex Marino, Seeta Kanhai, Elliot Salazar, Mallory Heyer, Abbie Winters, Tristan Offitt, Aziz Hasan, Kate Titus, Dan Maffei, Michelle Cortese, James Cabrera, Jeffery Vazquez, Alex Ginzburg, Janice Cheung, Jake McGraw, Seema Shah, Ben Wilson, Neha Gandhi, Nikki Trimble, Fiona Hillery, Lindsay Arakawa, Alida Brandenberg, Liat Kornowski, Victoria Tomkinson, Wendy Steiner, Nicola Pardy, Courtney Yates, Annie Georgia Greenberg, Emily Curl, Lucie Fink, Michael Brown, Steve Doss, Rockie Nolan, Elettra Weideman, Hildiana Cano, Mikaela Puth, Diane Fitzpatrick, Lilac Perez, Toby Kaufman, Isabella Alesci, Collins Nai, Courtney Yates, Ashley Trenkle, Natalie Campbell, Tom Ciaccio, Molly Hagan, Stone Roberts, Allison Ochiltree, Richard Hatherell, Stone Roberts, Brandon Widener, Ashley Buxton, Sarah Halliday, Jessica Marak, Emma Reed, Nancy Pappas, Alexa Schara, Misha Townsend, Valis Vicenty, Tara O'Connel, Alex Scully, Breanna Granzow, Samantha Baker, Samarah Daher, Liat Kornowski, Milana Baker, Amanda Johnson, Justine Goodman, Anna Maltby, Molly Stout, Kaelyn Ford, Megan McIntyre, Cat Quinn, Connie Wang, Ida Hariri, Anna Sabatini, Emily Holland, Philippe, Justin, Christene, Frank, Amy, Patrick, Carolyn and everyone else that made it happen!