29 Big (Fashion) Ideas

Spring 2016

29 Big Fashion Ideas is the epitome of our POV on the future of luxury fashion. It's a retrospective of our take on Spring Fashion Week, and an inspiring and exciting introduction for what's to come from us in September.  Using a high-impact, custom product that prioritizes big, lush imagery and highlights topics that we found prominent among Fashion chatter, we created an immersive experience that transports the reader to Fashion Week with us.  

We worked collaboratively with multiple departments to bring this custom experience to life. Utilizing strong creative direction to tie together the visual narrative around the wide array of topics covered within this Spring Fashion Week. 

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Erin Yamagata, Photographer; Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez, Photo Research; Ly Ngo, Design Direction; Kate Titus, Art Direction; Pablo Thecuadro, Collage Illustration; Bethie Girmai, Styling; Chloe Daley, Prop Styling; Bruna Marx, Model; Aziz Hassa, VP Product Experience; Benish Sha, Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing; Rohan Sheth, Marketing Coordinator Product; Dan Maffei, Deployment.